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Holywell Holiday Park

Holywell Holiday Park

Holywell Holiday Park is another of my earlier websites which was built in 2011. The owners Krys and Dave required a content management system and an alternative look to their existing website for their holiday park, which they wanted to continue to run alongside a new build.

I decided to use Joomla as the CMS in this instance, as at the time this was the content management system I had the most experience in. Knowing the area in which the holiday park is situated, I designed the logo based on the Gul Rocks standing out to sea at Holywell Bay and continued with this theme throughout the website.

Since the initial website build, I have since updated the website to include a blog, which in its own right has boosted the websites ranking position in the search engines gaining over twice as many visits in 2014 to the previous year.

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