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Rich Jones from I do film weddings wanted a website set up in WordPress in order for him to manage, update and get to grips with the plugins and add-ons, so he could make any amendments he required.

Once the site was set up and with a little training and guidance from myself, Rich was able to upload posts, create new pages and make menu amendments, upload new plugins and pretty much have full control of his website.

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Future proofing Websites...

Our fluidly responsive design and development, ensures our websites work across multiple devices, including tablets and phones. Using, the latest techonologies, this ensures all of our websites utilise the viewers screen to give the maximimium impact.

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  • Website Design by Oracle Design
  • Device specific video performance
  • Bespoke private page setup for clients
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance & Support
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Take a look at a snap shot gallery, illustrating design and page variation, mindfulness of of call to actions and user interface, all working together to offer a simple navigation system with an impactful user experience.

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