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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

At Majik Website, we specialise in building bespoke WordPress websites that are both user and client friendly.  We understand the importance of your online presence and our experience ensures the design and functionality is of the highest standard.

The Design

Of course you want a great looking website, which is why we design our websites individually to suit each client.  Our designs consider various aspects, including your branding, modern trends, functionality, navigation, call to actions and of course the user experience. On top of this all of our designs work responsively to ensure the mobile and tablet user experience is as seamless as it is on a desktop. Once the initial design concept is complete, we supply this to yourself and gather any feedback and tweak accordingly before proceeding with the development.

The Development

The functionality of a website will dictate how your visitors interact, consequently determine the volume of leads and sales. Our coding methods bring design to life by using various modern technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery. Although the code is hidden behind the scenes, we ensure our code is kept clean and simple allowing for any future ongoing development and updates a much easier process. This also helps with the performance of your website from a functionality point of view as well as the for the search engines.

Mobile Responsive

All of our websites are designed and developed with mobile and tablet devices in mind. Today’s statistics highlight an increasing rate which is currently over 50% of website traffic originating from mobile devices. This is why we have worked hard on our fluidly responsive designs to give maximum impact on mobile and tablets views. Unlike standard responsive websites, our fluid designs scale down seamlessly according to the device width, maximising the use of the viewport, to deliver fantastic user experiences which is also future proof.

Ready to get started?

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