Holywell Bay SLSC Website

Having been a member of Holywell bay SLSC for over 20 years, I was approached to build the first ever Holywell Bay SLSC website. The requirements by the surf club was to produce a modern looking website, which would engage the club members and provide them with up to date information on upcoming events and general surf club news, as well as showcasing what a fantastic Surf Life Saving Club Holywell Bay is.

My original plan was to sponsor the surf club with a completely bespoke website, which would have enable me to have free reign to develop a unique website without any restrictions. However, with an increased amount of work coming in at the time, I had to reconsider my offer as my free time became limited. This however tied in perfectly with the recent development of the Majik Website budget template. By using this bespoke template I had restrictions on the layout of the website, however everything the surf club required in their brief could easily be obtained in a much quicker timeframe. The design and structure of the website may not be unique, however by styling the website to the club colours along with some superb imagery makes the final product a fantastic representation of the surf club. The club committee have been trained up to use the WordPress system, which means they can add regular updates to the website to keep all members engaged and informed on the latest news and information from Holywell Bay SLSC.

Visit the Holywell Bay SLSC website.

Posted on 12th April 2015 by Majik Websites