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Having a new jazzy website is great, but are you really making the most of what you can offer from your website and are you making the most of your websites potential? Keeping your content up to date is key to maintain and improve your web presence. By keeping your website up to date, not only does this make your company look great, it will also convert more traffic to your site.

Why is updating my website important?

First and foremost you want to impress the search engines and search engines like to see regularly updated websites.  Although you may not know it, the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines all make routine visits to your website to check for new content and to make sure the information they have is correct. Also every time you add a new blog post or news article, you are basically adding another page to your website. As a result of this you are then occupying another space in the search engine results, thus adding to the likelihood of people clicking through to visit your website.

Besides appeasing the search engines, it goes with out saying that you also want to be providing your users with up to date information. Fresh content indicates that you’re an evolving business, and having news to shout about will certainly work in your favor and increase interest to your site.

Learning how to use WordPress

One of the many reasons why around 20% of all websites currently online are built using WordPress is because of how ‘user friendly’ it is.  With only a small amount of training, it’s easy to learn how to edit posts, change slideshows or add new pages and much more.

As WordPress specialists, Majik Websites provide training sessions to anyone who needs a hand getting to grips with their WordPress website. This service starts from only £50 and is a one to one session which includes an hour of hands on training as well as a specially drafted Users Guide.  For more information please get in touch by emailing andrew@majik-websites.co.uk.


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Posted on 3rd November 2014 by Majik Websites